I was born in 1974, raised and currently live in Toronto Ontario, Canada.  I grew up as most kids did in the 80’s, wearing a key around my neck, watching cartoons whenever the opportunity would afford itself and eating lots of sugar based cereals.  I always remember loving to draw.

As a teenager comic books inspired me to develop an appreciation for drawing people and as I was trying to learn and understand the human body through my own work I became very much aware how complex its form really is. I began to look closer at how the “masters” would render the human figure through their paintings.  In grade ten my art teacher encouraged and helped me put together a portfolio to present to the headmaster of the art department in Wexford C.I.

I was accepted into the specialized art program and the following 2 years where the best of my life. I thrived. I loved and lived art all day every day.  2 years was not enough.  I wanted more so I submitted a portfolio to Sheridan College for their animation program.  I was rejected quite emphatically.  They lost my portfolio and all my work somehow in the mail and I lost my desire to make being an artist my profession.

Anonymously, years later and somewhat mysteriously, my portfolio was returned to me.  I was ready for a change, once again being inspired to pick up a pencil and paper.  What you see before you is my attempt to get back to where I left off back in the mid nineties then to continue to take steps forward to improve.  Being very critical of my work, the list of self improvements and goals seems endless.  However, I realize I have to share my work with others and get feedback in order to improve.  The intent of this site is to do just that and hopefully you will enjoy the process.

-Shane 11.21.03