2012 Art Dump…

By January 15, 2013 February 25th, 2015 Art

In many ways, I am glad 2012 is finally over.  It’s been a rough year… but all that is behind me I hope for the most part.  There were some amazing things that did happen albeit overshadowed by the no so amazing events… I’ve branched out and met some wonderful new friends.  Reconnected with a lot of family and  friends from old.  As well, after a lack luster effort on my part at the last Toronto ComiCon, I’ve started setting aside time every day to draw and improve what I do.

Below are the final images I finished and forgot to upload here … or are WIP’s that I am calling “done” only because I want to start on something new.  The majority of the reference came from one of Kato’s pages… www.steampunkcouture.com or www.facebook.com/steampunkato