5 lines, no more…

By January 16, 2012 February 26th, 2015 Art


I did this drawing as part of a Sketch Club challenge.  The rules were simple… use 5 lines, no more.  Here is how this drawing was broken down.  First I laid down a background fill.  My 1st line started on the girls profile, where I worked it into her eye, then hair, headphones and a quick suggestion of a torso.  The 2nd line was used for the dark grey.  I then used the eraser tool to bring back the highlights and cleanup for the 3rd line.  The 4th was the text “groove”.  Apparently I used the 5th line somehow… but I have no idea where it might have been.

I enjoyed this challenge… and I like the result.  I think I might try a couple more of these contour style drawings again soon.