Back again!

By November 29, 2009 Art

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being so neglegent with this blog lately.  Over the last few months I have been finishing up a contract doing I.T. work that has had me working 10-12 hours a day.  Needless to say, trying to switch over to the other side of the brain and do something creative after a LONG day of troubleshooting computer issues in such a high stress job proved too much for me.

A couple of weeks ago though, I was given my 2 weeks notice.  I was extactic.  I knew the project was coming to an end and I had told myself that after I would focus most of my attention to art.  Well, that was short lived… I was offered another contract to do similar work.  I have been lead to believe that it will take up less of my time and much less stress… so I am going to give it a shot and see if, once again, I can do both.

I will post the few pictures I have been able to create over the last few months on my main site.  I have plans to start a graphic novel with my brother Jeremy and of course there is our webcomic that we are doing as well…

So if you don’t hear from me, send me a virtual slap upside the head and ask me ‘whats the hold up?’… I can really use all the encouragement I can get!