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So here are some screen shots of the layers I used while making this Amelie painting (so far)

I started off with a blue background and used an airbrush tool to block in the shapes. I adjusted the size and opacity of the brush throughout. Then I rotated the canvas just a bit to get the angle I wanted and set the layer to overlay


Next I created a new layer and filled it in with a lighter blue. I also duplicated the above layer so I could later work it with a paint brush. Finally I created another layer and redefined some lines I could use as a guide when painting.

I began “working” on the duplicated layer with the oil paint brush and eye dropper to grab the different shades of blue I was creating. I tried to keep the brush as big as I could so I didn’t get hemmed down with details. What I wanted to do was create a tonal sketch. The image below shows all 4 layers. (1. The initial sketch 2. The blue layer 3. The line drawing 4. The “oil” painting)


I would turn the initial sketch and line drawing off (or reduce the opacity) from time to time to check the progress.


I needed to add some highlights and since the lightest blue on my painting wasn’t light enough for me, I created a new layer and laid down some transparent near whites… which brings you to the image I posted earlier.


Although I feel I still need to work out some issues with the oil painting… I wanted to see what she would look like with some colour. So on a new layer, I roughly airbrushed an even skin tone on her face… then fell asleep and haven’t had a chance to fix and finish this piece. 🙂


Just a small update on this image… I adjusted the position of the eye a bit:


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