New Year with an old goal…

By January 4, 2009 Art

No, I have not fallen off the face of the planet. I have been up-heaving my life lately though, and I am happy to say I have finally settled down. I moved recently from the suburbs (yuck) of Toronto, into the city for the first time in my life… and I LOVE it. There is so much life and energy here, I regret not doing it years ago. The whole process consumed me entirely for most last year. I have neglected my art. Shame on me.

I intend to change that for this upcoming year and here’s how:

1. I want to draw something of value every day (despite working full time fixing stupid computers.)
2. I am seriously thinking of going back to an Art School here in the city or at the very least start attending life drawing classes again…
3. I am determined to produce something of a professional calibre and hopefully have it published.
4. I want to take an active role in reinvigorating the infamous Toronto SketchJam’s so many of us loved going to over the years.

So there you have it. Expect to hear and see much more from me in 09.